With my both feet firmly planted way up there, in mid air.

There’s a  Cass Elliott song, called “The Good Times Are Coming”.  She sang it after she’d left the Mamas and Papas, and saw a new future for herself, defined on her own terms… a star in her own right, and not just The Fat One From The Band.

I remember hearing the song many years ago, on a copy of a vinyl entitled “Mama’s Big Ones” – the whole album is full of songs where she is imagining a new future – a happy life.  Obviously, life had other plans.

There’s something incredibly haunting about that track… the dream of something better, the attempt to convince oneself that there will be a change, that you’re changing right now, and that it will bring happiness.  And who knows, maybe there is something magical about this track… my friend once played it six times before a job interview.  She got the job.

Perhaps it made my friend believe things would change.  Perhaps it made Cass believe that too.  And, while they had that belief, nothing could stop them.  Or, at least, they couldn’t stop themselves.

I wish I could hold the song within myself, take it with me, believe it.  Because,  just lately, it has been hard to believe those times are on their way.

The good times are coming

When they come I’ll  be there

With my both feet firmly planted way up there

In mid air.

That’s what this blog is about.  If you’ve spent a fair bit of time with your feet in mid-air, I hope you’ll appreciate it.


7 responses to “With my both feet firmly planted way up there, in mid air.

  1. I think I’ve told you that I once made a boy fall in love with me by listening to Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Simple things’ every day. It wasn’t the song that did it, but the ritual of listening to it and focusing on what it said made a difference, I think.

    Two Christmases ago my mum gave me a book written at the beginning of the 20th century by a Greek Theosophist. It’s as strange as it sounds, in a way, and in another it’s the clearest thing ever. He says, somewhere, “wherever your thoughts are, that’s where you are.” I’d heard it a hundred times before but this once it made sense. I think ‘spend your attention wisely and well’ was partly inspired by that.

    I’ve been thinking lately about goals and visions for the future, and about dreams; and concluded that what we need is a dream so good it doesn’t let us forget about it.

    • That dream would change everything, if we could become part of it, or let it become part of us.
      I’m reminded of the Neil Gaiman Sandman character “Dream” who is alternately exceptionally kind and willfully cruel. And dreams can be either of those things. They either encourage us to explore our potential, aspire to something better, or they taunt us with what might have been, slip away and leave us bitter, or sad, or regretful.

      And perhaps dreams do suggest something slightly illusory. What is important, maybe, is as much what the dream offers. I want to say that its hope but I think its actually more important than that, I think it might be faith. Anyone with that is a lucky person.

  2. Did it eat my previous comment, or do you have to approve it?

  3. I remember singing this, walking along the old Railway Track at the Glastonbury Festival, arm in arm with you. The sun was shining through the treetop canopy, causing little sparkles of sunbeams, as it touched the ground. I believed in magic then. Remembering it reminds me that I believe in magic now too.

    I do subscribe to the notion that songs can save your life. Most recently, I owe Blue October huge debts of thanks in that direction. True stories all.

  4. I think a song can change your life, for certain. And at a moment in time, that can be enough to save it. I think I have another post in me about a Daniel Johnston song I’ve been playing a lot lately.

    I remember that moment well, Jo. And I love what you said about it.

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